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Cheapest Rolex Watch you can buy

What is, and how much, is the cheapest Rolex?

Owning a Rolex watch – any Rolex watch – is a symbol of prestige that many people will subtly detect and understand. This means that having particularly rare or expensive Rolex makes even more of an impact, but it also means that even the cheapest or easiest Rolex to source will still communicate luxury without a word.

For people who simply want to own a Rolex without picking and choosing, what is the cheapest Rolex watch?

Why is Rolex so expensive?

Rolex watches are amongst the most precisely crafted, heavily researched, and historically perfected timepieces available today. Though founded in London, Rolex is very much a Swiss watchmaker due to the time it has had its headquarters located in Geneva, as well as the intricacies of Swiss watchmaking from which it has benefited and to which it has contributed.

A big part of the reason that Rolex watches are so expensive is that they contain so many parts that have taken a lot of work to create. Some of the materials used in Rolex watches are creations exclusive to Rolex themselves, including:

  • Cerachrom – a hard, scratch-resistant ceramic material developed and patented by Rolex. Cerachrom doesn’t fade under prolonged UV exposure and, thanks to Rolex’s research and development, can bear two colours to create the iconic two-tone bezels like those of the red and blue ‘Pepsi’ watches.
  • Oystersteel – more than simply a curious name, Oystersteel is a steel superalloy exclusive to the Rolex brand. Oystersteel is part of the 904L steel family, which is commonly used in heat exchanger and piping equipment and is often utilised in aerospace and pollution control applications. It possesses fantastic corrosion resistance and, perhaps most importantly for Rolex, it looks great when polished and holds an exceptional sheen.
  • Gold alloys – Rolex controls the process of creating the precious metals used in its watches, meaning it can ensure the exact compositions and finishes for each model. Rolex uses an alloy composed of 750 thousands of pure gold combined with the necessary mixtures of elements like silver and copper to create white, yellow, and rose gold. Everose is a form of rose gold exclusive to Rolex, one that exists thanks to this close control maintained by Rolex.

Other advancements like Parachrom, which is used to make Rolex’s hairsprings, have only been made possible by the combined efforts of Rolex metallurgists and engineers.

All of these developments, combined with the handmade intricacy of Rolex watches and painstaking attention to detail used to make them water-resistant and resilient for generations, means that buying a Rolex is a far cry from purchasing a standard watch.

What is the cheapest Rolex you can buy?

Some Rolex series are more popular than others, leaving the older, more obscure models to drop in price while others hold their value forever.

The cheapest Rolex watches you can buy include several lines that vary depending on the seller.

Rolexs like the Oyster Perpetual, Datejust, and Precision can be purchased for around £1,000 – £4,000. Though these watches aren’t lacking on quality craftsmanship nor the attention to detail that goes into every Rolex creation, their somewhat simple design and function makes them amongst the cheaper types of Rolex timepieces that can be bought.

The potential age of some of these watches also means that their conditions are more likely to be impacted when compared to the GMT-Master II line.

With the GMT-Master models specifically, the cheapest that can be bought typically include Batman and Root Beer models, though there is a caveat with the latter.

Both the 116710BLNR and 126710BLNR ‘Batman’ models tend to exist on the lower end of the GMT-Master II price points, though the 2019 model costs a little more for being the later, slightly more advanced model. That model also released to an official list price of 8,800 CHF (Swiss francs) or approximately £7,450.

Despite demand outpacing supply for the 2019 Batman, the relatively lower list price means its value hasn’t run away as much as some other models – at least, not yet.

The other GMT-Master watch that typically lists among the cheapest is the aforementioned Root Beer reference 16713, though not the colour scheme that gives the watch its nickname in the first place. Rather, it’s the black and gold version which doesn’t feature the warm orange and brown hues that collectors are usually hunting for.

With these watches, you will find that they tend to hold their value over time. Learn more about why Rolex watches hold their value so well here…

What is the most basic Rolex?

All Rolex watches have a level of complexity to them that surpasses many standard watches.

One of the most basic Rolex watches that can be bought is arguably the Oyster Perpetual, released in the 1950s. It’s among the cheapest Rolexs that can be bought from resellers, though it still features an automatic movement and was the first automatic watch with water-resistance.

Though its commonly no-frills designs don’t bear the colourful embellishments of other Rolex lines and makes it less collectible, those looking to purchase a genuine Rolex watch might be attracted by its more achievable price point.

What is the easiest Rolex to buy?

The cheapest Rolex watch lines mentioned above are arguably the easiest to buy, not just for their price points but for the ease of sourcing them.

The fact that these more ‘basic’ Rolexs are less collectible than their GMT-Master siblings means that even basic supply meets the small demand for them. They exchange hands fairly easily as there is not so much competition from collectors, and you don’t need to be quite as serious about your Rolex cache to be at the point where you might consider purchasing one.

These Rolexs are also easier to buy since they have been long-since discontinued and there is no waiting list for them.

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