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Rolex 126613LN

Rolex Submariner 126613LN

The Rolex Submariner 126613LN is a distinctive black and gold edition of the famous diver’s watch.

This model, first issued in 2020, represents a significant upgrade to the Submariner range while staying true to its roots. The Rolex 126613LN is both highly practical and supremely elegant. Its black and gold design combines colour and class.

Main Design Features of the Rolex 126613LN

The Rolex 126613LN has a black dial and a black bezel, but it’s far from monochrome in its visual impact. A striking contrast between rich black and gold tones is carried through the design of the watch.

The dial has its text and markings in white. The numbers and gradation markings on the bezel are gold coated. Because of the 18ct gold in their manufacture, these markings won’t tarnish.

The rotatable, unidirectional bezel is made of an advanced ceramic material to keep it highly scratch-resistant. Similarly, the dial is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, with a cyclops window over the date display. The model case is a combination of sturdy Oystersteel and yellow gold, known as Yellow Rolesor.

The bracelet’s central row of links is made from yellow gold. It has a folding Oysterlock safety clasp and uses the Glidelock system that ensures the watch will sit comfortably on your wrist.

Of course, this model, like other Submariners, maintains its precise performance in demanding conditions. It’s waterproof up to 300 metres or 1,000 feet.

There are other differences between this model and previous Submariners. It’s both bigger but more refined. The watch is now 41mm, compared to the previous 40mm, but at the same time, its design is more streamlined and less chunky.

Rolex has revived a certain classicism with its latest Submariners. They’re not retro, but they do follow a clear lineage from the classic designs of the 1950s and 60s.

What Powers the Rolex 126613LN?

Like other timepieces in the latest Submariner range, the Rolex 126613LN has the latest Calibre 3235 movement. This is an upgrade of the previous 3135 movement, but in keeping with the Rolex ethos, it marks a smooth evolution rather than a total break with the past.

What you get with Calibre 3235 is what Rolex calls a new generation movement, refining the engineering and design without losing the essential qualities that make a Rolex a Rolex.

That said, the 3235 is around 90% new components, designed to take Rolex into the future as well as consolidate its past achievements.

But how do you benefit from this change? You get more robust, reliable and accurate movement. The most important innovation here is the movement’s new Chronergy escapement. This is the part of the watch movement that regulates its power. The nickel-phosphorous escapement is magnetic-resistant, lightweight and extremely precise.

The original 3135 movement was considered one of the finest mechanisms on the market. Rolex have managed to improve it for its latest range of Submariner timepieces, including the 126613LN.

What Will You Get from Wearing a Rolex 126613LN?

This is a watch that signifies prestige, not simply from the distinctiveness of its black and gold design, but because of the sheer authority of the Rolex brand.

You can’t say there isn’t something conspicuous about this black and gold model,  but it’s the timelessness of its characteristics that will leave the most lasting impression.

There’s depth to this style, which is one reason why buying a Rolex Submariner in Black and Gold is a sound investment.

Will Your Watch Hold its Value?

If you’ve got any interest in Rolex Submariners, you’ll already know that certain collectable models can command very high prices. But what if you buy a more recent model, such as the Rolex Submariner 126613LN?

You can rest reassured that Rolex sports watches will generally hold or appreciate in value.

Firstly, they’re always in high demand, which drives up prices. Secondly, they’re highly collectable. The new edition you buy today can become something highly sought-after as the brand brings out fresh variations.

And when it’s got distinctive branding and colours, such as the black and gold of this model, then you’re likely to become the owner of a real investment timepiece.

Where Can I Buy a Rolex Submariner 126613LN?

If you’re looking to buy a Black and Gold Rolex Submariner then we can help. We’re experts in sourcing watches and we stock an ever-changing selection of speciality timepieces, including Rolex Submariners.

Contact us and we’ll find the right Rolex for you.

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