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Rolex GMT-Master 2 126710BLNR ‘Batman’

Year: 2021

Condition: Brand new unworn

Extras: Full Set

Price: £15000

When is a Rolex GMT-Master called a ‘Batman’?

Named for its mysterious two-tone black and blue bezel, the GMT-Master ‘Batman’ is an iconic staple amongst Rolex watches. The first Batman was released in 2013 with watch reference 116710BLNR, and its nickname quickly caught on for the moody colours being reminiscent of the classic comic book hero of the same name. The ‘BLNR’ in the reference is for ‘bleu-noir’, referring to the bezel.

The creation of the Batman marked the first time a watch had been commercially released with a two-tone Cerachrom bezel, making it a momentous achievement for the company and an attractive collector’s item. The Batman’s stainless steel body also set it apart from other two-tone GMT-Master IIs which were being produced in white gold.

The 126710BLNR reference designates the 2019 iteration of the Rolex GMT-Master II Batman. Still sporting the bezel that uses blue and black to mark daytime and night-time respectively, this Oystersteel watch features a 3285 automatic caliber and a power reserve of approximately 70 hours.

Chromalight lume allows the watch dial to glow in a blue colour for up to eight hours, and Rolex’s Chronergy escapement boosts the longevity of energy reserves. Its Oyster bracelet with three-piece links is a fan favourite for its sleek, masculine appearance that doesn’t distract from the watch itself and make it look too much like jewellery.

Is a new Rolex GMT Batman better than an old one?

Having only two references under its name – the 116710BLNR and the 126710BLNR – the Batman series is a small but unique family. As such, if you’re looking for the distinction of the black-and-blue ceramic bezel, you currently have only two options to consider. Though there are differences between the two, they’re mostly internal.

The original Batman ref. 116710BLNR features:

  • Automatic 3186 caliber movement with 48-hour power reserve
  • 40mm Oystersteel case
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Oyster bracelet

By comparison, the 126710BLNR features:

  • Automatic 3285 caliber movement with 70-hour power reserve
  • 40mm Oystersteel case
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Jubilee or Oyster bracelet

Most of the improvements in the newer model come from the upgraded movement, though there is some external refinement to the watch’s case. The design of the lugs has been slightly altered for a sleeker overall shape, though this may go unnoticed without closer inspection.

The Batman, whilst not as reiterated as models like the Pepsi, is a fantastic option for any collector looking to add a highly refined and modern example of Rolex craftsmanship to their collection. With a sleek Oystersteel case, black dial with luminous hour markers, and the two-tone black and blue Cerachrom bezel insert, the Batman is a mature and distinctive entry to the GMT-Master II watch series that is sure to stand out and have pride of place anywhere it is kept.

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