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The Submariner may have laid out the blueprint for the professional diving watch, but in 1967 the Sea-Dweller pushed it to the extreme – 1,220m of extreme to be exact. However, nowadays there are two different version of the Sea-Dweller: the original and the Deep-Sea, the latter eclipsing previous depths, pushing far deeper to 3,900m.

In style it’s similar to the Submariner, but the bigger, bulkier case and the extra waterproofness that comes from Rolex’s patented Ringlock system makes it a few millimetres bigger. Even then, the 43mm diameter is more wearable than anything in that kind of depth range, showcasing the sheer level of engineering behind the Sea-Dweller. It’s a little less versatile than the Submariner, with just black and blue dials – or gradiated black and blue on the Deep-Sea with a black Cerachrom bezel and steel only cases, but when you’re thousands of metres underwater, that’s just what you need.