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Rolex Deepsea is one of the heaviest Rolex watches - Are Rolex watches heavy?

Are Rolex watches heavy?

Rolex watches, to look at their designs and the materials used, can look as though they might weigh a lot. With their all-metal designs and strong, thick bracelets, it can often appear as though a Rolex watch would be too dense to wear comfortably.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Rolex watches have so many years of complex refinement behind them that the act of wearing one feels completely natural. Are Rolex watches heavy? Not in general, though some are heavier than others.

Weights of different Rolex watches

Rolex watches are made with a certain style of profile that, even when considering two completely different models, it’s easy to see that both belong to the Rolex family.

Despite these similarities, there are some considerable weight differences that can come down to the parts used in the watch, the size of the case, or materials.

Approximate weights of common Rolex watches (depending on reference)

  • GMT-Master II: 127g – 164g
  • Explorer II: 118g – 156g
  • Submariner: 119g – 175g
  • Day-Date: 179g – 225g
  • Sea-Dweller: 129g – 194g
  • Daytona: 140g – 200g
  • Sky-Dweller: 174g – 191g

Why do the same Rolex models have different weights?

The model name of a Rolex watch, even when shared between two different ones, doesn’t mean the weights and compositions of the watches will match. For instance, the model ref. 16713 weighs a little more than ref. 16710 despite both being GMT-Master II watches and both bearing a case diameter of 40mm. This is likely owing to the use of gold in the former reference, which is much denser than steel.

Rolex watches are constantly being iterated and improved upon, too. This means more advanced movements, new components, and existing components being made lighter and more delicate where possible.

This means weights of Rolex watches can go either way as models are redesigned, either growing heavier or lighter.

How to spot a fake Rolex

We’ve written before about the various ways counterfeit watches show themselves and how to spot a fake Rolex. Weighing the suspect watch is one way you can ascertain whether or not it might be a fake, depending on where exactly the ‘fakeness’ stems from.

If you know the weight of a real Rolex watch of the same model and reference number, then a large enough difference between a real watch and the counterfeit will tell you everything you need to know.

However, a fake Rolex might be not only fraudulently using the brand name, but may claim to be made of materials that it isn’t. By weighing a watch that the seller purports to be made of gold, you may find that it has instead been made with something resembling the precious metal.

Research to find out some reference weights then weigh the suspect watch to give you a clue as to whether it might be fake.

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